attack of the sillies
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let there be light

October 28th, 2011

I see that either the shipyard or the new bridge across the water has acquired new tungsten lights for their operation. I see this, because they have one particular light shining across the water, and subsequently upon the hill, blasting our balcony/bedroom window with very much light. It’s awesome at 2am.


October 19th, 2011

The cat just faceplanted into the screen door. Again.


October 12th, 2011

I cracked up so hard I had tears in my eyes. He’s just laying there, trying to take a bath, getting rudely jostled around.


October 12th, 2011

Andrew is so funny to tease. He’d just finished his second helping of glop and declared he was done. So of course I had to offer him more.
“No!” he said, too sleepy to be more emphatic.
“I know you like it, I’ll just hand you a spoonful more.”
“Yup, can’t have you starving when there’s still food in the pot.”
*snickers* I think he may explode if I give him any more.


October 10th, 2011

I heard Andrew sneaking into the kitchen to grab a taste of the stewed steak that was still simmering. I waited for him to lift the lid off, and do delicately dip the knife towards the edibles, before hopping out and yelling, “Ah HAAA!” He hopped, then set the lid down with a bang. “Augh! Every time!” I cackled.


October 10th, 2011

I thought about getting one of those plastic “severed arms” to stick out of the trunk or one of the passenger doors on Halloween, but I know that someone, somewhere, would think it was real and call 911 or something.

he was a dog in a previous life

October 8th, 2011

I came home from errands to find the cat sticking out of the toilet. Awesome.

aww nuts

October 5th, 2011

Andrew has recently watched some “watch what you eat!” documentaries via Netflix. This afternoon he was watching something else in which an African native was eating the legumes of a tree.
“50% more protein than meat?” he repeated the narrated stat.
“Probably not as much cholesterol either!” I quipped and ran out of the room.
“Yeah, feeling your arteries harden before bed is the best.”
“Yes!” he hollared. “It’s like flexing!.. NO, don’t you dare! Augh!” as I ran back here to post on Facebook. I usually only THREATEN to post his goofy stuff on here, hehe…