attack of the sillies
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it was made of warm

December 6th, 2013


I took the heating pad off my lap to start making soup. I came back to find this. Good way to weather the winter.

A few days later: “The cat wandered in, trilling expectantly, and so I lay out the heating pad again. rofl HOOPPPEELESSS.”

A few days after that: “I made a nest out of the heating pad and some blankets wrapped in a donut shape around it. The cat loves curling up with his back against the blankets, or facing them and wrapping his paws around it. Anyway, I left it for him to find. It took a half hour or so, but he sauntered in, saw the set-up, hopped in, and has spent the entire day in it.”

A week later: “I put the heating pad on the couch and left it there for the cat to find. I came back a short time later to find him on it. LOL”


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